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We’re a China sourcing agent dedicated to sourcing a wide variety of products for your unique customers and markets.

Reasonable Rate

Our competitive rates and warehousing services help you manage product inventory no matter where youre located so you can concentrate on making sales.

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As your product sourcing agent, we handle sourcing and logistics from supplier to help you grow your business with great, low-price products.

Focus on online seller

We offer product sourcing as one of the top dropshipping suppliers in China.

Fast shipping time

Our premium shipping service offer 6-11 day shipping time from China to USA.

Product sourcing in China

Our products are sourced in China from warehouses connected to manufacturers who create products for a variety of industries. We handle shipping and logistics so you can do what you do best — sell. We’ll handle the product sourcing and procurement.

Top dropshipping suppliers in China

As one of the best — we are built to offer manufacturing and warehousing as one of the top dropshipping suppliers in China. We offer a wide range of products you can use to fill your online drop shipping supply store. Our third-party warehouses manage inventory with turn-key product manufacturing. We offer premium services as a leading China sourcing agent — from warehouse to cargo ship. Our premium dropshipping comes with competitive rates and we are very experienced at logistics. We can ship manufactured products from China to all over the world. We work with dropshippers in the U.S. and all over the globe.

custom manufacturing

Our custom manufacturing capabilities can suit a variety of needs for your dropshipping online store. We have third-party manufacturers who cover consumer electronics, injection-molded plastic parts, fabricated metal products, and even textiles if you’re dropshipping garments. This makes us one of the top dropshipping suppliers in China. We even offer contract metal working through our third-party manufacturers. Products move from manufacturer to warehouse to cargo ship seamlessly to get to your customers in a timely manner because we are a China sourcing agent with a variety of product sourcing experience.

Dropping supplier

We are a drop-shipping supplier covering everything from injection molding services for plastics and we even serve the textile and garment industry. We are connected to manufacturers who create active wear clothing, military and industrial uniforms, and even consumer and pet clothing. From custom-molded plastic parts to industrially-manufactured shirts, there is so much we can offer through our third-part manufacturers. You never have to worry about tracking inventory as our warehouses handle that so you can concentrate on selling your dropshipping products direct from China. It’s what makes us one of the leading dropshippers in China.

comprehensive service

Ask about our variety of manufactured dropshipping products like LED lights, interior building materials products like flooring, exterior building materials like roofing, metal fabrication, CNC machining, injection molds for rubber prototypes, tooling design, and other molding solutions. China is known for its manufacturing and for good reason. We also work with manufacturers who provide us with printed circuit boards and other products for consumer electronics. Whatever you want to sell for your online dropshipping store — odds are we have a connection to a manufacturer who can make it and a third-party warehouse who can track the inventory. We handle the sourcing and logistics to help you provide for your happy customers.

We work with all kind of cutomer

What you sell in your dropshipping store online begins with raw materials in China. Our manufacturers receive those supplies and create your future products and we work on the logistics plus shipping to get them to your customers. As a top dropshipping supplier in China, we handle all sizes of businesses, whether you are just starting out with your first China sourcing agent, or have done this for a while.



If you have a concept and a design for a product, we are the dropshipping supplier in China to help you not only get to the final product — but we will handle its warehousing, shipping, and logistics too. One of our manufacturers may have a product finished already that you may wish to sell in your online dropshipping store. Maybe you have a molded plastic or rubber product in mind — but no concept or design. Ask us about what our manufacturers are working on now and we can check inventory in warehouses for you, oversee product logistics and shipping.

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Shipping Direct From China

We handle container shipping and logistics direct from China so you only have to do the selling and reap the profits in your online dropship business. Our warehouse and order fulfillment services come at competitive rates as do our third-party product manufacturing. Feel good about product sourcing and shipping from China that will give you an edge in your e-commerce business. Importing from China to the United States is big business with several manufacturing hubs around China creating new products all the time.

Dropshipping E-Commerce Supplier in China

Successful dropshipping businesses in the U.S. are changing lives due to durable goods made in China and sold in online dropshipping stores. If this is a business you want to get into, don’t wait. You need a China sourcing agent to help you with manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, freight forwarding, and cargo shipping worldwide. Your e-commerce dropshipping store is online 24/7 and serving customers across the globe in all time zones. We are prepared to source the products your customers want — and get them their orders shipped safely.

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China Sourcing Agent for Amazon FBA

We help customers with Amazon FBA sourcing from China as a dropship supplier. We source, warehouse, cover logistics, and freight shipping. You can buy direct from China and save money on products to sell in your dropshipping store. You can run that online store from anywhere in the world knowing your China sourcing agent has you covered from warehouse inventory to freight forwarding whether you’re selling electronics, building materials, or garments. You can sell toys, computer hardware, consumer electronics, small electrics, home building and even remodeling materials. As one of the top dropshipping suppliers in China, we cover it all from manufacturing to warehousing to cargo shipping. You can trust your business with us as your China sourcing agent.

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